Modern Application Security Made Simple.

A low-code platform to integrate your security-layer in minutes not months!

Secure Modern Access Management

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Get secure in a few clicks

Quickly configure your application services and allow your users to login

Unlock the flexibility you require without the complexity

Using our plug ‘n play features you can easily adopt the perfect authorization flows for your application and more…

Get ahead with our fully managed zero-code solution

Zero Fuss. We will fully secure and host your application on a leading cloud provider of your choice (AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Azure, Google Cloud, etc…)

How does Leza work

Security As A Service

Deploy the LeZa Security Gateway in the same environment as your application.

Configure your access policies, permissions and user settings in the LeZa Cloud Platform.

Rest easy while your users securely access your applications and services.

Secure access for all your modern application needs without the fuss.

Leza provides authentication and authorization across all your applications and services in a single cloud platform. Our security layer is code unobtrusive, secure, quick & easy to use, scalable and fully supported.


Provide a great user experience while strongly authenticating your user identities.


Protect your resources with granular access control that gives you the power to easily manage fine grained permissions and access policy’s.

Identity providers (SSO)

Seamlessly authenticate your users securely through their favorite social sign-on provider


Separate customer account spaces into organizations to conveniently manage security application settings independently within account space environments.


Traceability logs automatically provide you with detailed activity of your protected application resources.


Our RESTful APIs allow for developers to seamlessly integrate Leza in your applications and services.

Leza is free to use for projects of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features and support.